Sackville High School

February 13th, 2020

Feb 12
Black History Month
Today’s Black History Month Trivia Question is: Viola Desmond was a Canadian civil rights activist and business women. In 1946, she challenged racial segregation at a cinema by refusing to leave a white’s only area of the theatre. In what town was this theatre located in?
Green Team
Green team meetings scheduled for this week will be POSTPONED until next week!
JUSTICE!!! It’s Thursday!! Well doesn’t that mean that Grade 9 voting starts today?? That’s right, you heard me, grade 9 voting for the Yearbook survey starts today, so head to the website or instagram right now to vote!
GSA is postponed today due to early dismissal.
Acts for Aids
If you love watching talent shows then listen up! Acts for Aids is coming up on February 20th, and our very own Senior SARAH HUNT will be performing and representing Sackville High. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a fun time. If you want a ticket, then go see Mrs Mullane in room 111! Go Sarah go!