Sackville High School

March 5th, 2020

Mar 5
Badminton meeting and badminton club today at lunch. There will also be badminton club tonight from 6:30 to 8:30.
Hungry Bowls
Tonight is Hungry Bowls. $10 gets you a bowl and $15 gets you a bowl of your choice with yummy homemade soup. It is taking place in the art room starting at 6pm.
The GSA will meet in the Youth Health Centre at lunch on Thursday.
Youth on Fire
Reminder Youth on Fire is happening Friday afternoon in the Youth Health Center
Holy jumpin Justice! It’s already March! Well didn’t you hear? The yearbook committee is calling March Grad month?? What does that mean?? Well go check out their Instagram for details! I heard this week they’re taking submissions for baby and throwback pictures! @shsyearbook.ns
Community Prom
The Bingo fundraiser for your prom has been postponed until March 10. This gives you more time to get your tickets and round up your friends and family to help raise some funds to reduce the cost for you at your prom.