Sackville High School

October 22nd, 2020

Oct 22
Hey all you students who park in the parking lot. Please stop leaving your garbage on the ground once you have finished your lunch. It is very unsightly and attracts the seagulls. Not to mention that it is not Mr Tuckers job to pick up your garbage.
Student Council
Hey Kingfishers next week is spirit week! There will be lots of activity’s happening during lunch hour through the whole week. We encourage everyone to participate, and our very first day of our spirit week is Monochromatic Monday!
Boys Soccer
Boys soccer practice on Wednesday at 3:30 on the SHS Filed. Al players must attend.
Kingfisher Store
Attention Kingfishers! The Kingfisher Corner Store has just stocked up on snacks. Drop in when you have a chance and have a look at the spirit wear, school supplies, and snacks we sell. Prices range from 25 cents and up. We look forward to seeing you!
Picture Retake
Picture retake day is tomorrow, October 23.
Parking Permit
If you wish to park in the school parking lot you must have a permit. The form is on the school website under Our School, for students. Please fill the form out and return to the office to obtain your sticker. It is important for everyone’s safety that we know who is parking in our lot.