Sackville High School

May 5th, 2022

May 5
Take a stand and join the Moosehide campaign today! Council will be in the lobby handing out Moosehide pins so you can take a stand with millions of people across North America in the fight to end gender based violence.
Hey Kingfishers! On May 11th at lunch in the main foyer, Health and Human Services 12 is hosting a kickoff event to raise funds for homeless people in Nova Scotia. Bring some cash to vote for your favorite teacher to get pied in the face and buy some items at the bake sale. Grade 12s can win the cost of their Prom ticket back and Grade 9s, 10s and 11s who aren’t going to Prom can win a gift card! See you then and thank you for your support!
Student Council
Good morning, Friday, May 6th during C/3 - Block you will be asked to vote for a couple of student Council positions. Several positions are filled by acclamation, however grade 11 reps, sports rep, and arts rep need to be voted on. If you are late you may miss the vote for your class. If you do not have a class at this time and wish to vote you need to go to room 111 C-Block today, or tomorrow morning. The vote will be done at the start of class. If you are late then you miss the vote - so sorry. thank-you,
Today is open gym after school. The sign up sheet is outside the gym. After school come and have fun!
Boys Hockey
The following hockey players must return their Hockey Jersey to Mrs Coughran by Friday. Aidan Bradley, Jaden Hardie and Ray Kemp.
Girls Rugby
Good luck to the girls rugby team in the game today against JL at 3:30pm. With teacher permission the team will be dismissed at 1:45pm. The following girls rugby players must see Mrs Coughran today at lunch or they are not allowed to play in the game today Megan Marrcelli, Jana Murphy and Emma Greene.
Opportunity Place
Want to learn more about a career in nursing or Kinesiology from the point of view of 1st year students at St FX and Dalhousie Universities? Do you want to hear about the challenges and expectations of university life? Join Mr and Mrs Tasco, alongside Megan in the School Plus room on Thursday this week. For more info and to find out what time, check in with one of us. Students in grades 11 and 12 who have free classes or who are in good standing and have teacher's permission will be able to attend.
Hey, you. Yeah, you. Do you like acting wacky, coming up with random ideas, and having fun performing? You should come out this Friday and try Improv. We'll be running an improv club every Friday after school, through the month of May and into June. See you there! Friday, from 3:15 to 4:15.
Track & Field practice Thurs at MET field if weather permits if not it will be in the gym.
Hey Kingfishers! May 2nd to 8th is Mental Health Week and it's all about empathy. When someone is struggling, people tend to offer solutions, when what is needed most is empathy. We need to tune in before we weigh in!
Are you bored? chapter is hosting a board games lunch Wednesday, May 4th at lunch in room 112. There's also an after-school session in the library from 3-5. Snacks and drinks will be provided. Everyone is welcome!