Sackville High School

May 10th, 2022

May 10
Parking Lot
We are asking that any students who park in our parking lot please use the garbage cans to dispose of your trash. That includes those students who use the parking lot after school hours. Mr Tucker and the rest of our custodians are not your personal garbage men.
Are you interested in being the Valedictorian for the SHS Graduating class of 2022? If so, check out the post in the grad classroom for additional details regarding speech submission requirements and the selection process. Deadline for submissions is June 1 2022.
There will be a meeting this Thursday at 12pm in the football locker room for anyone interested in playing football this September.
There have been two scholarship applications posted to the Grade 12 google classroom. As well the Grad Profile has been put in the google classroom. This form is what is read as you cross the stage to graduate. Please be professional in your response and let everyone know what your future plans are.
There will be a Jack Chapter meeting for all members today at lunch in room 112
Hey Kingfishers! On May 11th at lunch in the main foyer, Health and Human Services 12 is hosting a kickoff event to raise funds for homeless people in Nova Scotia. Bring some cash to vote for your favorite teacher to get pied in the face and buy some items at the bake sale. Grade 12s can win the cost of their Prom ticket back and Grade 9s, 10s and 11s who aren’t going to Prom can win a gift card! See you then and thank you for your support!