Sackville High School

March 20th, 2023

Mar 20
Big Crunch
Did you know that March is nutrition month? This week we will be providing you with nutritional facts and tips to help you make educated decisions about what you consume to fuel your bodies! Additionally, Mr. Sarka and Mrs. Kozuch will be organizing a Big Crunch Event where students will be provided with a locally produced apple to consume together - hopefully, we will hear all students crunching into their apple at the same time!
Apples and other fruit are the perfect mid-morning snack when your energy levels are starting to deplete. Combining your fruit with a healthy fat and protein can make that energy boost last longer!

Badminton will continue on Wednesday nights from 6 to 8 all are welcome...there will be courts available for students, staff and the SHS Badminton team.
Schools Plus
Lisa will be in the schools plus room today, room 112. Feel free to stop by for a chat or to access the food pantry.
Weight Lifting
The weight lifting club is starting March 20th, it is open for everyone in all grades. If interested, please see Mrs Coughran.