Sackville High School

October 10th, 2023

Attention Grade 12 students: The Loran Scholarship is available for ONE more day; the details can be found by following the scholarship tab on the Guidance website.  Here you will find a link to the application as well as the application -  deadline is tomorrow, Wednesday October 11th at 9:00.

Dungeons and Dragons! That's right the famous and popular role-playing game is coming to Sackville High! It doesn't matter if you 've never played or you're a level 20 Barbarian, this club is for you. The first meeting will be held in room 201 on Monday, October 16th, during lunchtime. Expect a good time as Fireballs, Tower Shields, and piles of gold await you.
Come have a fun time and level up your school experience.

Today in the Gym at lunch there will be a Remembrance Day meeting for the Sackville High Cadets from 11:30-12pm, see you there!

Mount Saint Vincent University is coming from Halifax to SHS.  They will be here on October 17th, in the main lobby.  They will be doing free admissions for students interested in applying at that time.  Please visit student services to obtain a copy of your transcript.  You can see Mrs. Avery up to a week in advance to have it printed early.  Don't hesitate to dream about your future!