Sackville High School


Exam Exemptions

Covid-19 and the global pandemic have brought many changes to the education system. In particular, it has allowed learning to occur remotely with students not physically attending school. The concept of attendance is seen in a much different light when we consider Public Health information to support creating safe and accessible learning environments for all. This has caused us to reflect on the practice of exam exemptions at high schools across the Halifax Regional Centre for Education (HRCE).

Although the original purpose of examination exemptions was to motivate students to attend school, factors of inequity, especially for those students who feel the impacts of circumstances far beyond their control have become evident. Principals have frequently reported that students often attend school when ill due to exam exemption guidelines and that the school often faces the negative impact on relationships with parents/guardians/students around decisions relating to exam exemptions due to these inequities.

Given the important focus to promote healthy habits and practices, exam exemptions will not continue in the 2020-21 school year.