Sackville High School

"Back to School" Online April 29th - Information for Families

Dear Sackville High Families:

Tomorrow, Thursday, April 29th, we’ll be “Back to School,” but online instead of in person. Learning at home will not be the same as it was last year.

Schedule & Attendance
• All students will follow their current schedule as it appears in PowerSchool.
• As we move forward, Teachers will communicate a schedule for students, so they know in advance when they need to be logged-in and “present” for class.
• Teachers will be taking attendance at the start of each class, and again during the latter part of class. Attendance will be entered in PowerSchool, the same as it would be at school.
• Parent/guardians are encouraged to follow student attendance and academic progress through the Parent Portal. If you need a login for Parent Portal, please contact the school:

Time to Learn
• Grade 9s can expect approximately 4 hours of school work every day, with up to two hours of that time online either individually, in small groups, or as a whole class.
• For students in grades 10 to 12, students can expect up to 5 hours of school work everyday, with up to 50% of their school day online.
• Some students may have additional time with learning support teachers and other support personnel depending on supports required and Individual Program Plans.

Expectations & Assessments
• Every teacher will communicate expectations for students while they are present in their online learning environment.
• All students are expected to participate fully and engage in learning from home, as best they can.
• There will be formative assessments and summative assessment that count toward students’ final grades.

• In spite of every effort in recent months to provide all students with school-supplied Chromebooks, there may still be some students who are in need of a device for at-home learning. If that’s the case, please email the school.

Other Supports
• Our Guidance department is also moving to an online model. If students are struggling, they can reach out to guidance through the school’s Guidance website or email directly
• For families struggling with recent changes, there are also confidential services and supports available through Schools Plus. You can contact our Schools Plus person, Kaleigh McConnell directly, by phone, email or text: 902-471-2445


Teachers and support staff will be doing their very best to provide a quality learning experience for students. We will undoubtedly encounter challenges that make it difficult for an easy, seamless transition to this new model. We appreciate your patience and support as we work through the process.

We look forward to seeing our students online tomorrow!


Thank you.