Sackville High School

Girls Soccer Tryouts Junior/Senior 2021-22


> Grades 9 to 12 (Cost of $5.00 for tryouts, one time fee, bring to first tryout. We have to pay for the field)

> Sept 7, 8 and 9 at Met Field, time to be confrimed (44:30-6:30pm, arrive 20 minutes prior). If the field is closed due to rain, be prepared to move to the SHS Gym

> Season Start Sept. 10

> Approximate cost of $90 per player (TBC)

> Play day for the Senior team will be Monday and Wednesday and some Friday. 4pm or 6pm playing on turf.

> Play day for Junior Varisty TBC

> Contact person: Jane Caiger

> No jewellery (including hairclips)

> All equipment that you would wear in a game must be worn during tryout

Our goals are:

> To have as many students as possible to be able to play soccer this season

> To have two teams - a Varsity and a Juniour Varsity team (depends on the number of players)

Everyone needs to participate at the tryout.


If you are interested in playing soccer, please pre-register. Returning players also need to register.

Send info below to soccergirlsshs@gmailcom and


Team that you want to tryout for: Junior or Junior/Senior

Choice of position 1St Choice:

                           2nd Choice:

Parent/Guardian email, if there more than one email please identify everyone:

Grade attending:

If any parents are able to help at the tryout, registration, helping with nets, please let us know,


Yves Dastous, Head Coach

Jane Caiger, SHS Staff Advisor