Sackville High School

January 21st, 2020

Jan 21
Study Session
Hey Kingfishers! Do you need a quiet space to study for exams? Your NEW chapter is hosting a study session on Thursday from 6-8 in the school library! Some of our chapter members will be available to answer questions!
The GSA will meet in the Youth Health Centre at lunch on Thursday.
Exemption forms are available in the main office. They are due back Wednesday, Jan 23 no later than 3pm. No Exceptions.
The Sackville Heights Community Centre is offering a $1000 scholarship to a Grade 12 student from Sackville High that will be entering post-secondary studies in the fall. A 1000 word essay and 2 letters of recommendation are required. Please see Guidance to pick up an application form!
Do you currently want to find a job, or are you preparing to get one in the summer? In order to get paid by an employer you need to have a Social Insurance number. If you don't yet have one and would like to apply, drop by and see Mrs Tasco and she will help! If Mrs Tasco is not here, her email and phone number are on her door by the gym, so send her a message.
There will be practice on today, Thursday and Friday after school this week. This is the last week for people to try wrestling - there is no experience required.